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My name is Zarul

I work as a car sales representative at Perodua previously and now at Honda

My age is 23

For my challenge, at first, I'm a car sales representative

I have to make sure that my income is stable and consistent

Before that, the usual challenges such as the CCRIS problem

and failure to apply for a personal loan

Just because I don't meet the application qualifications

I stumbled upon

I ask for a consultation and I'm grateful for what has been given to me

I followed what had been advised by the and I had succeeded

Why did I choose by chance?

Because I was looking for the options at that time

that how to pay off my existing debt

as well as looking for which personal loan can help

by chance I came across

and I had obey what they advised

and finally I managed to get my first house

At the same time

can get extra money to cover what is appropriate

Other than that, there are other companies that ask for an upfront fee

Where that the didn't ask for a penny on initiation

That one was really surprise me

They also helped me from A to Z

Come to consultation and follow what they advised

So far, it change in my life a lot

I have my own house

also have the extra money for savings

I can manage my cash flow 

so I don't go back to the time I had issues with CCRIS

I agree to make this video was because

There are also companies

that can help and guide us in the right direction

I’m working as a part-time insurance agent

And sometimes I sell cakes

I have two kids

Half a year ago, my husband suddenly had some health problems

He was resting at home

We have no income for half a year

I borrowed money from relatives and friends

I tried my best

But it’s still not enough

So I wanted to apply loan

What are the actual incomes you received 

I got RM100,000 in one month

With monthly payment of RM1,600

How your life changed after receiving this loan

I was very worried before I got the loan

I was worried that the loan will be rejected

I was worrying about money everyday 

I borrowed money from my friends and relatives

Sometimes when I see them, I don’t even dare to say hello

I am very happy after the loan approved

Very very happy

Because, first of all, I can pay back the money

Now that I have money, I can pay them back

Then settle my kids’ tuition fees

And also my husband 

With this loan, I can settle a lot of things

I am very happy

Lastly, there is less pressure from people chasing money

What challenges did you face when it comes to applying loan?

What I’m most afraid of is meeting scammers

There are a lot of loan agencies out there

There are too many, I can’t tell which is reliable

What made you choose has been updating their profile, sharing stories

Then also taught us to differentiate scammers has a lot of educational posts that other loan agencies don’t have 

Only has

I feel like is true

So, I tried

If you have the same problem as me 

You can approach for a free consultation

I Keep Getting Denied for Loans   Loan Denied   Loan Application Rejected   Reasons for Rejection of Loan Application   Declined Loan Application

I'm from Selangor I'm Nalini

I work in Regen Healthcare as a clinical specialist

Okay, I was in a lot of financial difficulties

So I was trying to caveat my house

and then going through the Internet to find

which company that can help me

Initially, I registered with one company called XXX Company

but they let me down

So, I was screening through Internet

I just registered my name and then Mr.Karl called me

That's how it started our relationship

I couldn't refinance my house, because of the CCRIS problem

Because I went into a business

and then I got cheated a lot of money by the agent

and then

I had to borrow from Ah long and money lenders

So, when Mr. Karl called me

actually I was in the midst of a lot of financial difficulty

Although I'm a clinical specialist

and my pay is quite high

But just because I was caught in all this

Trust me, it wasn't nice

Mr.Karl together helped me out in this

Of course I will introduce

Because they have helped me a lot

even now

if any of my friends tells that they are having

difficulties in refinancing the house or getting a loan

I straight away give the contact number

Hi, my name is Ruben

I'm 41 this year

I'm from Klang and I'm a marketing manager

Well, I have checked over the Internet

and I found few companies which offering the mortgage

that's how I know

Besides this I also have been to banks

to looking for a remortgage the house

but the percentage which they offering is very less

maybe about 75 percent to 80 percent

which not the ideal amount which I'm looking for

the amount which they promise you on the first day

is the one they given me now

In fact, I already introduced

and of course I'm very happy about their service

Loans Keep Getting Denied   Rejection of Loan Application   Denied for Loan   Bank Rejected Loan Application   Bank Loan Rejected

My name is Zarul

I am a sales advisor for Honda Malaysia

Last time I heard

was about 2 years ago on 2021

I found by accident

when I search for how to apply for loan in the Internet

I ask them can I apply for loan

because I had been rejected from so many banks before this

due to my CCRIS problem and everything

so my purpose to do a loan

is to clear my CCRIS

for sure to get more better cash flow

there are some company that I tried before but they wanted the advanced payment first

So, I did not proceed with them

The services, I was very satisfied

because the way they guide me

the way they were tolerant with me

very grateful to them

so right now I don't have to worry about buying a house

I just need to save money for now

no other thing as I need to worry about

I'm Christina, I work as an admin

It was because I wanted debt restructuring

So I searched for information about debt restructuring

Then, it is one of the pages

In fact, I inquired about several companies at that time.

and was the one who reply me quickly

At that time, I was very impressed by them

I did it because of the previous MCO

If the company lays off people, I was one of the employee been laid off

I haven't had a job for a while

Then my family members, at that time, 

Need surgery

At that time I would use my credit card

Repaid my family's medical expenses

Afterwards, my family was also

at that operation and he passed away

We also need to deal with the funeral cost

Everything is by credit card

That's why my debt will be relatively high

I am very satisfied with the service provided by

Because I saw that they not only responded very quickly

The solution they gave me was also

You can feel they are really

want to understand

what problems are you facing now

Then do you have any

challenging in applying for a loan

At that time gave me several solutions

I think they are very good at this

He will look at your

situation and then gives you the suggestions

And they do not charge you any upfront fees at all

And they reply very quickly

This is what I think

I wouldn't consider any other agencies at all

I will introduce to my friends

If they face the same problem as me

I would highly recommend them to

to have a free consultation

I Need a Loan but Keep Getting Denied   Bank Loan Declined   I Keep Getting Denied for a Loan   Loan Rejected When Can I Apply Again   Loan Was Declined

Mr. Wilson and also his team

help us and guide us from the starts

All the way until we get the loan approved

Very good and I have definitely recommendable

Really reliable

My name is Kiru

and my name is Yumis

I was working in a bank

but I resigned 

He is running his own business

a barbershop

So I’m helping him now

Actually I did a Google search

so that’s when I contacted 

Mr. Wilson to meet him personally

We couldn’t get loan approval

the loan approval was very difficult

And also we needed somehow to rectify our CCRIS report

Mr. Wilson and also his team

help us and guide us from the starts

All the way until we get the loan approved

Because our case was quite complicated

but finally got it done

Very good and definitely recommendable so yeah

We definitely recommend to all our family and friends

Because the contacts

and also the people that they know are

Is more wider and also more approachable

than compared to other companies

which is Mr. Wilson 

and also this team

Are really very 

very helpful

Whenever I have any doubt

Any queries that I text them within

maximum they will take

is about half an hour to one hour

Then they will definitely come back to me

So it’s really reliable

Definitely yes

For those who really need

Uh you know

They have like

struggle to get approvals for the loans

or any financial institution issues

Because without them

I don’t think so 

we would have managed to get our dream house

Thank you thank you

My name is Jun Hao

Now I am working as a clerk

I'm in charge of the account part

Actually no one introduced me to

I just searched online

But what I want to say is that there is any way to get rid of my financial situation

My previous situation was in AKPK

Then I want to jump out of AKPK

Then I wanted to see what agencies

and what's the solution 

Because I have received many calls and saying that

they were the finance service

I don't believe them, so I'll look for it myself on the Internet

Then, I accidentally saw a video

It seems that it may also be from your testimonial video.

So, l try to contact was the first company I tried

Because I have seen other agencies too

some related posts came out

But I definitely want the first result

Didn't say I believe him or not

Because I approached with a trying attitude

Of course its customer service

When he contacted me, I thought he was credible.

Because he served me and explained it well to me

that's why I possessed

I think they are the most efficient

Because their customer service

is all about answering all questions

They've already told me this before

All I need is to give this amount of money

After that there was no more

If I have such a friend, he wants financial restructuring

I will recommend to them

My name is XXX

and currently I'm running a business transportation

Actually my friend let me know about

then only I contact to Wilson

Actually treat me like a friend

and we have a better relationship over there

the end result is very good

Actually the main problem was

my accounts end balance for every month

so I couldn't proceed with loan 

because I didn't know that I must keep a certain amount every month

and second thing is my loan, I have no loan

I never made any loan with bank before

even a car loan or credit card loan or anything

I never made any loan before

so when first time I tried for house loan

they reject me because I didn't have any loan with the bank yet

and because of my first loan

they didn't approve

They asked me to do any car loan first since I

don't need a car for the moment

Because I usually buy all the cars

mostly on cash and never had bought in loan before that

that was the reason that I contacted to Wilson

they helped me so much

even with the loan procedure

and they follow up until the end

they are trustable

that's the main thing and then they keep their promise

I already recommend for 2 person

I recommended them recently only

refinance and for housing loan

thank you for helping me in the loan

I'm really grateful for the help

and will come again if I have any problems

My name is Miss Tan

I'm working as a part-time insurance

A friend introduced me to this company

So I went to the company's website to check it out

I have financial problem

I wanted to borrow a loan, so I went to them.

Borrow money from friends

Then I also borrowed money from relatives

I borrowed it, but it still wasn't enough.

Then I borrowed money from the bank and the bank didn't approve it.

My friend introduced me to

My favorite part about them

Just every time I have a problem

I ask them or I find them

They can reply to me very quickly

This is the one that makes me most satisfied

I'm afraid of meeting a cheater

Just follow my friend's advice and come to this

Before I went to them, I checked their Google

Then I saw that they are always updating new things

It feels like someone is doing something

Because I have seen others

But they don't have any updates

I got the loan within a month

very satisfied

Thank you 

for their good service

And then can help me borrow the money

so that I can settle my stuff

I would recommend

to my friends

Because they can really help us borrow the loan

in a very short time

I want to say thank you to

Because they helped me with this

big financial problem

Loan Rejected   Denied for a Loan   Applying for a Loan After Being Declined   Reasons Loan Applications Are Rejected   If I Get Rejected for a Loan

Loan Rejected   Loan Rejection Reasons   Reason for Loan Rejection   Loan Decline   I Need a Loan but Keep Getting Declined